Friday, 29 April 2011

Week 5 of Mountain Mayhem Prep - Back of the Treadmill

Well, obviously I'm not literally back on a treadmill. Those things are evil! I feel sorry for the poor battery hens in the gyms along Huntingdon Street bouncing up and down on those things everytime I go past - get out and get some fresh air!!!

Sorry about that....

Anyway, back to the post.

The Plan works on a 4 week cycle of improvement; steady, hilly, sprinty and rest - as you may have noticed if you've read a couple of these posts. The first 3 weeks make you more and more fatigued and during the rest week (No.4) you bounce back stronger than you were before week 1.

So this week we're back to the start of the cycle and the legs feel ready for some work again.

My usual ridin partners are away touring the western isles of Scotland so I knew I'd be solo riding most of this week. I decided to dig out the old (2nd hand) Heart Rate Monitor to keep me company.

I did some googling to find out my current heart rate training zones.

Most of the training I've been doing has been in zone 2 - Aerobic Zone and I've been judging my output by how I feel: If you can breath through your nose it's zone 1, if not you're in zone 2. Zone 2 should improve my general aerobic fitness, so I fitted the HRM to the stem and off I went.

The HRM has been working as a very good training aid this week. It helps to give you the motivation to keep pushing and stay within your zone when you haven't got anyone to push you. A HRM is worth an investment if you train on your own and want to improve your general or a specific side of your fitness.

As for rides this week; Monday was a fast 2hrs round MY local trails (full of walkers due to the bank holiday... Grrr!!), Tuesday night was another fast 3hr ride to Fountain Dale with only whisky to keep me going! and Thursday I doubled up to have a day off for the Royal Wedding - Hill reps (3x3) in the morning, and another trip to The Dale with DaveH and Racey

Overall a good week and some really good miles put in.

A great way to click over the 1,000 miles off road mark for this year.