Monday, 12 March 2012

An Imperial 100

An off hand comment I saw set me off on this one.

'A century is a definitely a tick in the box for any cyclist'

A couple of months ago I did a big road ride on a Monday.  61 miles ish, so I thought maybe this could be expanded to 'tick the box'

A few extra points on Garmin Connect and I had a route (magic bit of software that).  Being my first century, and not really a road rider I chose a nice flat route.

So at 8 this morning off I went.  Taking it nice and steady, just keep going I thought, and if you hit a problem you can cut it short.

Misty, no proper views.  Still I was riding when most other people were at work.

25 done, 50 done, 65 is when it really started to hurt.  ITB's again - but what could I do? 35 miles from home - just keep going, it's not going to kill me.

And it didn't.

True they are sore now, but they'll settle down.

Had coffee in Grantham and took it steady getting back.  The old Peugeot fixie was great, no problems.  The last 20 miles seemed to take forever.

Sorry there are not pictures by the way, they're all in my head.

Ticked that box - what next?