Friday, 25 November 2011

More Garmin Edge 200 Musings

First proper ride with the lovely free test bike GPS.  A few thoughts while I remember:

The mount is brilliant! Sturdy, no vibration or rattles - just works ACE!

Buttons still easy to press with thick gloves on.

The course follow function works very well.  The route zooms in and out as you speed up.  The route resolution is so good you can see which side of the road you were on in either direction. The unit does a bleep for off course and another different bleep when you get back on it. The GPS accuracy is shown as a ring arround your position arrow.  It would be no trouble to follow an unknown route - as long as the route was accurate enough.  It indicates how long you have left based on your current average speed, and a bar across the top indicates what percentage of the route you've completed so far.

Head to head with Martin's Edge 500 the screen seems the same size and resolution.  However the Edge 200 doesn't accept Heart Rate, Cadance or Power readings that the Edge 500 will accept. For the £30 extra...?

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Garmin Edge 200 - New Toy!

I am in the fortunate position of receiving a new toy to test!

The new toy is a Garmin Edge 200 GPS bike computer.  Pete from has some contacts at Garmin and he asked them if I could have one to test.  So they sent one to him!

 I got my sticky mits on it Tuesday night and last night I downloaded a track from justgoride straight onto it.  I've loaded up the ride for tonight, even though I know the route I want to try it on know ground before I have to use it for navigation

The unit is about the size of a large bike computer, and feels nice and sturdy. Buttons on the sides are easy to press even with big winter gloves on.  The bike mount with rubbery bands is excellent.

It does have a few annoying beeps but these can be turned off.

I'll be doing a proper review once I've done a load of rides - otherwise I'll do a few more random updates here

Friday, 11 November 2011

New iPhone and Bike Riding

Really pleased with my new phone.

My old one was great, but this one is even better.

I prefer to ride with friends but sometimes a solo ride is a fast, fun necessity.  On the way to a meet point I usually ride on my own and listen to podcasts on the phone.

When I'm riding along I can now listen to texts and reply on the bike.  Useful if someone has a puncture on the way to the meet and its raining.  Thanks Siri

The battery life on the new one is also far better than the old one.  I can GPS log a 3hr ride using endomondo and still have 60% battery.  The old one would be at 20% after doing the same stuff.

The new camera is superfast and sharp.  It will be great for taking riding pics (when it stops raining)

Love it!