Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Speedy Strelley Night Ride With Added Mayhem

Andrew was recruited on Sundays club ride.  A fast rider with lights who lives local, he'll be fine.

I caught Lady Alex on the way to the Tower.

Tummy full of pancakes.

Andrew found the Tower and Simon there.

Adam picked Pete up on the way, Troll Bridge rendezvous .

The trails were far better than expected.  Compacted from recent rain but with a fast dry topping.

6 riders and fast.  Bike talk, Geek talk and Mayhem talk.

Team JustGoRide?

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Rare Club Ride

Stuff and 'ting mean that I don't get out on sunday club rides very often.

A perfect storm last week meant a rare club ride with NATS on Sunday from Bakewell.

20 riders in bright sunshine set off.  I got chatting to a new chap on another 69'er called Paul.  He was riding an old skool Maverick frame and fork.  Unfortunately his ride lasted less than 15 mins due to lightweight jockey wheel failure.  He had to turn back and limp all the way back to Ambergate.

He didn't even make it to the newly reopened Headstone Tunnel on the Monsal Trail which we did in both directions on the figure of 8 ride.

The ride had some big hills in it.  Especially the road climb out of Cressbrook - only just managed it on the 36-15 gear.

An anticlockwise circuit of Millers Dale ended with an extreme descent back to the tunnel.

Back past the cars for another loop.  This time through Bakewell and up and over into Chatsworth.  It was like being on safari chasing huge herds of deer across the grassy savanna of the estate.

One last climb through Edensor (after the standard conversation about the village relocation) and back to the cars for 'special' sticky ginger cake made by Alex

Thanks must go to (nearly) always jolly ride leader Simon 

Sun, cake and great company.  Maybe I'll be on another club ride soon... maybe

Monday, 6 February 2012

Extreme Snow Ride

Bike riding Monday again and after the weekend's snow it was always going to be interesting.

I was planning a 45 mile route with Kate, meeting at the North and heading back round to home, picking some choice singletrack on the way.

The snow put an end to those plans (and thank god it did!)

Kate's car was stuck and train was selected as preferred transport choice.

09:30 meet was passed due to train congestion - a 10am start from the station, and we were immediately struggling with the snow/slush/ice just along the side of the canal.  The trail conditions changed with every pedal stroke, sometimes ice was good, sometimes bad.  Sometimes snow was a faster option than slush, sometimes not.

The whole ride was a core strength session. Balance, balance whoa!

We chatted of family, jobs, courses, running, riding and racing.

Pie and mash and coffee at Kimberley was very civilised.

Back on the bike through smells of fresh bread and back over the motorway - 'poor buggers driving in that' - they'd probably say the same of us.

Over mince pie stile and into off camber tunnel.

More whooping and whaling.  More laughing and giggling.

Back into the old favourite railway singletrack.  Every hill seemed like the hardest hill ever.  Grind, grind, grind, spin, spin, spin.

Talk of tea and cake in town.

Caught up some more over cake.

A ride I would usually expect to do in 3hrs turned into a five and a half hour monster ride.

Front wheel mileage 30, rear wheel mileage at least 60.