Friday, 11 May 2012

School Night Belvoir Bivvy

It's always sweeter when you have to wait for something.

Last Thursday was supposed to be our first bivvy of the year. The weather forecast was looking bad and it turned out just as predicted. It poured down all night and we decided to bail.

So postpone for a week and see what happens.

The forecast was iffy for this Thursday night, but this time it improved and #bivvygo was called at lunch time with a clear overnight forecast.

Maybe this should be a regular start to the Bivvy calender. First Thursday in May will be the Belvoir Bivvy!

Four of us assembled at my house for the canal ride to Stathern near Belvoir Castle. 20 miles, all flat and a cracking pub at the end. We even had a tailwind.

Me, Simon, Lady Alex (non-bivvy), Adam (bivvy virgin)

 A gentle ride to The Red Lion Inn at Stathern (posh) followed by 3 Four Pint Jugs of Ale, chips and chat.

 Thoroughly lubricated we made our way up to the bivvy spot on the ridge above Stathern. First found with Kate a few years back. Whisky and Almanac followed camp setup, with a little star gazing at the incredibly clear night. It didn't take me long to fall asleep.

 I briefly caught the sunrise at about five, then back to sleep until six. The leaf litter mattress was particularly comfy this time.

Breakfast was coffee from the trusty alcohol stove with maple and pecan pastries in the warm morning sun.

Mud and a headwind greeted us for the ride back, but life is sweet when you wake up to this...

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